Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs & Mission-Driven Organizations


Want to grow your business or organization without working harder, longer hours or sacrificing your own income? I hear you, and I’ve got you. Let’s make growing your business and making money easier.

Does this sound way too familiar?

  You want to grow your business or organization, but don’t know how.

  You feel stuck at your current level of income.

  You feel frustrated by how hard you feel you work and how little you earn.

  You feels like you’re always re-inventing the wheel to get clients, so there’s no time to really think and plan ahead.

  You feel like you can’t take a break for even a minute because your business or organization would crumble.

  Many days you feel like a failure, even though you never really defined what success actually means to you.

  You aren’t even sure what goals you’re chasing.

It’s time to shift all of this. There is another way.

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Success depends on two things: practical strategies + money mindset. If your money-making mindset isn’t in the right place, no amount of business savvy or strategy can save you. Answer a few key questions and get a customized plan with practical steps that will help your business grow and create the money-mindset shifts you need to make that growth stick.

Hi, my name is  Nicole Michal  and I’m a Business Coach & Money Mentor

I’m here to help women grow their business or mission-driven organization by giving them money-making confidence, practical strategies, systems & action plans to scale.

I want all women to know their worth and feel confident creating their own financial autonomy, so that they can choose the life they want.

Not long ago, I was stuck financially. A series of life events left me doubting myself, lacking confidence, and afraid I would feel trapped working hard and under-earning forever. Today, just 3 years later, I run a growing 6-figure business that supports the lifestyle I’ve always wanted. I love my fiance, but I am not dependent on him or anyone else to live the life I desire. You can do the same. Let me show you how.

Feeling stuck in your business growth, or stuck at your current level of income?

Let’s begin with this assessment, which will help you get started with some awareness of what’s holding you back


Attaining your goals.
Activating your purpose.
Achieving what you desire.*

*All while being paid handsomely.

Client Success Stories!

“We doubled our revenue in less than a year thanks to Nicole’s ideas & unique approach!”

“Nicole made a huge difference in advancing our mission, work, and organization. Nicole’s partnership is particularly important, and her collaborative approach continues to be invigorating.  She has helped to bring out the best in us, our people and our organization.”

– David B., Board Member of OROT Project

“What do big dreams, small Etsy business & triple sales growth have in common? Nicole Michal.”

“Within a few weeks Nicole changed the way I think about money, success & self-worth. I instantly doubled my revenue.”

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“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

— Warren Buffett

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