Client Case Study

The OROT Center for New Jewish Learning


1. The Challenge:

When this mission-driven organization came to me, they knew they needed a more robust strategic plan if their organization was to continue to grow. Their goal was to continue to not just survive, but adapt and thrive as the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed them to abruptly change their operational model.

The organization desired more financial autonomy and bigger budgets – both from earned revenue and donations-so they could reach more people with their educational mission, but they didn’t know exactly where to begin.

“Nicole has helped to bring out the best in us, from our people and from our organization. That is no small accomplishment.”David Bardach, Orot Board President

2. The Solution:

In response to the organization’s immediately needs, we created a digital marketing plan and online launch strategy that allowed them to immediately bring their courses online as COVID-19 settled in. As a result, Orot Center for New Jewish Learning was able to reach more students online and earned income increased 165% in 2020 compared to 2019.

Together, we also crafted a key missing piece for the organization: a strategic 3-year organizational plan. This became the backbone of more focused conversations with foundations and donors.  The plan helped Orot to double their grant awards in 2021 compared to 2020 and increase donor contributions by 50% in less than 10 months.  

The combination of practical strategy + a clear plan + greater belief in Orot’s ability to become a National leader in online education, led to a financial expansion of an operational budget in 2021 that was nearly twice the budget in 2019.


In the Client’s Words:

“We have worked with Nicole for several months, and she has been an excellent guide, coach and consultant. She has patiently led us through processes and mindsets that were new to our organization – but very much in need – and she did so with the utmost professionalism and dedication to our shared work. She pushed us just beyond our comfort levels, challenged us to try new approaches, and then supported us in multiple ways as we grew and stretched ourselves professionally. Nicole helped us move a good product to a great product that could be launched in the digital space, and she created helpful systems for navigating the process towards success. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Rebecca Minkus Lieberman, Consulting Client + Co-Director

“Nicole is not just a fantastic consultant, helping you reach new levels of success in the program you are developing but she is also great at professional development. She can break down what she is doing and teach you the steps and ways of thinking that you need. In that way she shows really long term interest in your success. As a professional coach and teacher she is great.” – Jane Shapiro, Consulting Client + Co-Director 

“Nicole made a huge difference in advancing our mission, work, and organization. Her three year plan, calendarization, creation of 4 focus areas . . . all amounted to what we are calling ——– 3.0.  I personally, as well as the entire board, very much appreciate Nicole’s guidance, structure, and partnership. Nicole’s partnership is particularly important, and her collaborative approach continues to be invigorating.  She has helped to bring out the best in us- from our people and from our organization.  That is no small accomplishment. We are thrilled with where we are going and are excited to see what’s next.” – David B., Board Member

Hi, my name is  Nicole Michal  and I’m a Business Coach & Money Mentor

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Not long ago, I was stuck financially. A series of life events left me doubting myself, lacking confidence, and afraid I would feel trapped working hard and under-earning forever. 

Today, just 3 years later, I run a growing 6-figure business that supports the lifestyle I’ve always wanted. I love my fiance, but I am not dependent on him or anyone else to live the life I desire.

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