Client Case Study

Zuzana Zapletal, Owner of Creative Branding Studio


1. The Challenge:

When Zuzana came to me for coaching, she was on her way to solid five figure months, but she didn’t see her growth as sustainable. She kept saying that her five figure months were “just a fluke,” and doubted whether her success could be maintained. 

She had terrified talent and happy clients, but Zuzana doubted herself even as her business continued to expand.

She wanted to earn more money and have more freedom and balance in her work, but she felt stuck. She didn’t how to shift from her freelancer mindset to become the CEO of her own creative agency, which was her true vision for herself. 

Within a few weeks Nicole changed the way I think about money, success & self-worth. I instantly doubled my revenue.” Zuzana Zapletal, CEO MedleyThink Creative

2. Zuzana’s Primary Pain Points Were:

  • Productivity. Zuzana felt like she didn’t have enough time for all her work and clients AND for herself AND her husband. She wanted more balance and freedom, but didn’t know what to let go of to get there. 
  • Perfectionism. Zuzana found herself being such a perfectionist that she was spending time on things nobody had asked for. She knew to grow she would have to let this go, but was afraid if she did she would disappoint her clients. 
  • Feeling alone. Zuzana had never had a coach or ANY help in her business. It was starting to feel challenging to always fly solo. She was ready for support and outside perspective.
  • A challenged relationship to money. Zuzana was frankly uncomfortable with money. She wasn’t looking at her accounts regularly to keep track of her income and expenses, which caused her immense underlying anxiety.  Without proper systems and an abundant money mindset, tax time would inevitably turn into a nightmare. This had to change!
  • Fear of raising prices. Zuzana knew she was undercharging for her services. She saw what others in the market charged and knew she delivered as much as they did, but she felt stuck at her price level and didn’t know how to raise her rates.

3. The Solution

I knew that if Zuzana was going to grow beyond her low five-figure months, she was going to have to get comfortable with her new-found level of success. That meant she would have to stop seeing herself as an hourly freelancer and start seeing herself as the CEO of a successful creative agency.

To do this, we focused on the following:

  • Feeling worthy of money
  • Feeling deserving of success
  • Releasing old stories about how “hard” she had to work to “earn” her income
  • Shifting into feeling worthy of abundance and ease
  • Releasing perfectionism
  • Becoming a BOSS who manages a team of VAs and developers whose job it is to support her as she grows
  • Getting comfortable with financial forecasting and looking at NUMBERS!
  • Setting up systems to streamline finances (especially helpful for tax time!)
  • Setting up systems to streamline her client onboarding
  • Feeling confident being seen on social media as the successful woman she had become!

4. What Changed

Since working together, 5-figure months have become the new normal for Zuzana and she is just getting started.


In the Client’s Words:

“Nicole is an amazing coach! She helped me determine the gaps in my business & planned smaller achievable goals that keep pushing me towards the big picture. I was able to see big shifts in my mindset & improvements in my systems after just a few sessions! She’s the strategist, voice of reason, and accountability partner every entrepreneur serious about their business growth needs! She helped me change my relationship with money to the point I’m excited when looking at all the financial spreadsheets & income predictions that keep turning a reality. 
– Zuzana Zapletal, CEO of MedleyThink Creative

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