Expect a Miracle


 I am reading a new book on miracles by Melody Beattie. I am only one chapter in, but I am so inspired that I wanted to share some of the wisdom with you.

The book is about making miracles.

Whether we believe in them or not, miracles happen all the time, every day, all around us. Most importantly, they happen TO us.

Here’s how Melody defines a miracle.

“A miracle is when something happens that we couldn’t control, create, conceive or do on our own– whether by using willpower, strength, spirituality, skills, money, or any and all resources available to us.” –Melody Beattie, Make Miracles in Forty Days

I was so inspired when I read this. I suddenly felt re-committed to becoming aware of ALL the miracles that happen in my daily life, but that I too often ignore.

Where I am today – working for myself as both a coach and consultant, in the presence of my spiritual teachers, full of faith and gratitude (even on/ especially on the tough days), with time for my yoga practice, and connecting with amazing people like you – is 100% a miracle.

Just 5 years ago, I was dragging my feet to work in an office making a lot of money for someone else and selling something that I didn’t believe in.


I could not be where I am today on my own. I would not be here without many, many miracles.

  • The miracle of losing my job.
  • The miracle of having the time to go do my Yoga Teacher Training course as a result.
  • The miracle of hitting a bottom that made me reach out for help, which brought me to my spiritual mentors and teachers.
  • The miracle of being presented with the opportunity to create The Yoga Summit two years ago.

At each stage of this journey, I have absolutely had the FULL support of the Universe.

You do too.

Life is a miracle, not an accident.

I did set the intention for the life I’m living. And I did take many courageous actions (that means I took them terrified!).

You can too.

If your life right now feels like an accident or someone else’s life, or not the life you think was meant for you, then something is off. I say that with love, because God knows things have been off in mine.

Your life is not a mistake. It is full of miracles. They are there. it is okay if you need some help seeing them.

If you don’t see them at first glance, look more closely. Make a gratitude list. Write down where you need a miracle right now and let the Universe work it out.

The difference before my life 5 years ago and my life today is that today I look for and expect miracles.

And when they don’t come, I still expect them, because they’ve always shown up in the past, and I know, with all my heart, that more are coming. That is faith. It is different than expectation.



Tell me – what are the miracles in your life? Which are missing?

Comment below and tell me about it.

Write it down and say it out loud so that the Universe knows what you’re waiting for!

Your life is not an accident. There is nothing that can’t be changed.

This week I did an interview with a fellow global yogi and friend, Tim Hall, creator of the Days of Zen Facebook page.

Somewhere in there, I said to him: If there are things I need to change, I absolutely have the power within me, and I have the full support of the Universe to do that.

Yes, you do!

Check out the full FB Live interview HERE!

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I can’t wait to hear from you and about all the miracles that are materializing!

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