How to Stop Limiting and Delaying your Manifestations

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Today, I want to share a Facebook Live I did on the topic of Limiting your Manifestation with Conditional Beliefs. 

What’s a limiting or conditional belief?  Here are some examples.

How to Stop Limiting and Delaying your Manifestations

They set a goal and start seeing a little bit of evidence that they can achieve that goal. But they don’t really trust the evidence. The doubt shows up when they start to say things like:

  • “When I first get this job, then I can get that other job (which is the one they really want!).”
  • “When I first make this amount of money, then I can double it (which is the income target they really want!).”
  • “When I make x amount of money, then I can move to this place (which is where they really desire to live!).”

The commonality in what they are saying is: “When I first do this [insert arbitrary condition here], then I can do/ be/ have that thing I REALLY desired all along!”

 Some other examples of conditions I hear all the time are:

  • “I can’t do that thing I really want because I only have xxx in my bank account.”
  • “No one will pay me that because I didn’t go to college/ an Ivy League School/ graduate school, etc..”
  • “I can’t hire help in my business until I meet xxx income goal.”
  • “I can’t raise my prices until I’ve worked with xxx number clients”

This way of thinking doesn’t serve us at all. It actually  limits our manifestation and actually DELAYS the outcomes we so desperately want!


Because there is nothing you can’t be, do, have or become RIGHT NOW if you really believe in yourself and in the absolute power of the Universe to bring you what’s in your heart. 

Today, I want to challenge you to get rid of that conditional thinking once and for all. 

Here are a few steps you can take to start to dismantle your limiting conditional beliefs and manifest MUCH more quickly.

6 Steps to Stop Limiting Your Manifestations

  1. Identify your conditional beliefs.

Listen to your thoughts and try to identify any conditions you’re putting on goals you want to achieve. Pay attention to any beliefs that seem externally imposed and arbitrary. For example, the belief that you can’t make a certain amount of money if you didn’t go to college. We know this total BS since we all know that a lot of the most wealthy people didn’t go to college and they’re doing just fine!

  1. Identify where that belief is coming from.

A lot of times our beliefs and wounds come from childhood or an experience we had where somewhere told us that, in order to do what we really want, we need to do something else first. Maybe your belief is related to worthiness or a need to prove yourself. 

  1. Challenge that belief.

The best way to challenge your belief is to write what you want. Ask yourself, “Why is this possible? Why isn’t it possible?” Then, you’ll start to see what conditions you’ve put on the goal you’re trying to achieve.

  1. Hold your ultimate desire in your heart.

When you know what you REALLY want (rather than the condition you think you HAVE to want), hold it in your heart. Believe that it’s coming. Believe that it’s happening. Trust in divine perfect timing and leave it up to the Universe. The universe always has a better plan than we do, so let go of any limited human thinking and just believe in the energetic power of the universe.

  1. Start practicing with smaller things. 

When you’re working to overcome conditional beliefs, start asking for little things and see what happens. What kind of evidence can you collect that it’s working? Try practicing affirmations that place you in the here and now and keep you open to receiving. 

  1. Remember that it’s in motion.

Once you’ve written down what you really, really desire and put your trust in the universe, know that you’ve put everything in motion. It’s all trickling down to you. Remember to leave room for magic and miracles because what we get might not always look like what we asked for – manifestation can look different! 

I like to tell people that they’re not waiting – they’re observing. You’re watching as things rearrange. You’re watching as what you asked for is being made real.

But you’re not waiting. You’re watching. And trusting that removing the conditions of your manifestation will make whatever you’re asking for happen that much faster. 

Watch the full video for more and share one of the conditions you put on your manifestations in the comments. I love hearing from you!



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