Letting Go to Receive More


Hi Love!

Letting go is one of my favorite topics! So obviously it would end up being the topic of my first video blog – well – ever.

It can be so difficult to let go of outcomes, especially when we feel like our security, our certainty, our hopes and dreams, maybe even our lives depend on things turning out a certain way.

When things don’t go our way, most of us just try harder. We may push, control, or even try to manipulate. If that doesn’t work, we just try again, harder and harder, until we feel like we’re at the edge of a cliff, ready to go over.

What a struggle. What a monopolizer of energy. What a waste, to be honest. Because the truth is, we really can’t “control” outcomes, even though we may try.

In the process, we end up feeling pretty terrible.

 Sometimes we really want to let go, we just don’t know how.

That’s the topic of this video. Here are a few highlights for how to help you let go. The full video feels in all of the details so I highly suggest you watch it all!

Tip 1: Admit your way isn’t working, and that’s okay, because it’s not the only way!  You have a desire that you tried to make a reality. That’s great. Congrats!  If it didn’t come true yet, or if you’re hitting up against obstacles at every corner, it may be time to give in and admit your way isn’t the only way. Surrender what you asked for, as well as the path to getting it, to the Universe. Until you can do this, you will keep trying to control until you really hit a bottom. When you’re ready, you’ll finally admit this, and you will begin to feel free!
Tip 2: Turn your plans over to the Universe.  Many of us have been trying to do everything in our lives alone for basically our entire lives. That’s a lot of hard work and responsibility.  It’s also unfortunate, because there is a great power that is constantly available to us that we can turn our desires over to.  While the Universe works its magic to bring about our dreams, we can rest more easily, knowing we are being taken care of.  Call it God, Angels, Universe, Nature, or whatever you want to call it – there is a greater power in your life. Give this power a chance by letting go of all you’re trying to do. You will be amazed at the results. 
Tip 3: Focus on 24 hours at a time. We think we need to do it all NOW and that if we don’t, the future will fall apart. This, my love, just isn’t true. Once you’ve admitted that your way isn’t the only way, and surrendered to the loving Higher Power of your understanding, you still have some work to do- that’s what’s on your TO Do for TODAY only!  Focus on the next 24 hours. Live One Day at a Time. You will be amazed and how simple your life gets. A few 24 hours in a row adds up to weeks, months, years of serenity – all while your Higher Power brings about all your wildest dreams. All you had to do was what was right in front of you.
For more explanation on letting go and the miraculous results you can get- watch the whole video! Watch to the end because there are some pretty great questions that I give answers to as well – like how to let go of people and what to do with obsessive negative thinking. Feel free to post any comments below as well. I will definitely write back to you! Enjoy! I love you! Xoxo Nicole Michal

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