Making Manifestation About Feeling Not Thinking [BONUS MEDITATION INCLUDED!]

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Today I have a video to give you a few quick tips for making manifesting easier.
This video blog is about taking manifesting out of the head and plugging it into the heart.

Why is this important and why does this work?

It’s actually very simple. We attract what we ARE, and what we ARE is made up of our emotions, which makes up our vibration and attracts things of a similar vibration.

When you’re having a good day, things just seem to come your way, right? The opposite is true when you’re having a bad day and in a bad mood. It often just gets worse, unless you shift your mood and vibration first. 

So we know that if we find ourselves spiraling downward into negative thoughts and emotions, we’re going to a place from which it’s more difficult to believe in the limitless potential of our desires and attract what we want. 

I want to help you shift this. No more spiraling.

Today, I share with you my 4 step process for feeling the feelings of your miracle, so that manifesting becomes a feeling rather than a mind-thing, which can become a mind-f***.


Here’s the 4 steps:

1. Pause
When you start to feel icky as the negative thoughts and emotions overwhelm you, pause. Notice what’s happening before it takes over for you. It’s easier to nip it in the bud at the start. So give yourself permission to pause when you start to feel off.

2. Pray + Meditate.
Practice makes perfect. For more on meditation – check out my Youtube channel. 

3. Visualize
What does it LOOK like when your miracle, manifestation or vision for your future comes true. See it happening. See where you are when you get the news. Where are you standing? What are you wearing? See it. Feel it. Breathe it in and breathe it out. 

4. Proceed
Go on with your life as if your prayer has been answered. No more worries, no more fears! Now obviously, this won’t happen right away. Fear and doubt come back. We are human. That’s fine. Just repeat this process to neutralize them as quickly as you can. 

Enjoy the video and meditation! Let me know what you think in the comments. I love you!

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