Yoga Summit Anniversary Bundle

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The Yoga Summit Anniversary Bundle includes:

Make Miracle Everywhere: An online training on how to embrace where you are, get unblocked, and create unmistakable miracles in all areas of your life. In this hour and a half training you will learn a how to get clear on what you truly want and remove any obstacles blocking you. You will also learn a 3-step daily process to manifest miracles by truly embracing where you are, releasing whatever is keeping you stuck, and creating more joy, which will naturally attract more joy to you.

Overcoming Fear Workshop + Meditation: In this workshop, you will learn how to identify your fears and overcome them using 5 simple exercises, including journaling, breath-work and meditation. When practiced regularly, these techniques will change your entire relationship to fear, so that you can feel it, observe it, and, most importantly, overcome it.

5 Points of Yoga: This course, created in collaboration with Ekhart Yoga, will inspire and guide you through integrating the practice of yoga into your everyday life and help you experience less stress, more energy, and greater happiness.

2 reviews for Yoga Summit Anniversary Bundle

  1. Kisan Patil

    Very nice..
    Wish you a happy anniversary..
    God bless you,???

    • Nicole Vahlkamp

      Thank you so much! It means a lot to have your support. I hope you enjoy the bundle! Many blessings to you.

  2. Kim

    I absolutely LOVE Nicole’s yoga summit! I can honestly say that it has changed my life and truly was a turning point in my spirituality. Before doing it, I hadn’t realized how much of the yoga “philosophy” was already a part of my life. Nicole, with her gentle and simply approach, made me realize all the value I already had, added to it with all the AMAZING speakers and teachers who came to share their wisdom and lessons, and basically brought my spirituality together in one clear vision for me to tap into and get strength from to live my life fully. The value in this package is unbelievable! Some of the most famous teachers, from different approaches, with different perspectives and from all over the world, all coming together in the most genuine and giving manner. This summit will expand your definition and knowledge of yoga.

    There are many “workshops” or “summits” out there, but this one is THE one I would recommend investing in….to invest in yourself. Totally worth it. I’ve never looked back since and I actually like to go back to it every once in a while and watch some of the teachings and teachers again, many of whom I now follow on social media and some whose books, audios or other things I have purchased. Thank you Nicole for how sincerely you put yourself out there. Namaste.

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