You are the Key: Higher-Self Meditation

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In this simple, guided meditation, I take you on a 45-minute journey to meet and connect with your Higher Self.

Who is your Higher Self?

It is the part of you that already has all the answers. That inner knowing that is always available to guide you but that gets covered up by fear, doubt and other “stuff”.

This meditation will give you the key to access your Higher Self’s guidance any time you need it. This is an invaluable skill that will help you to gain confidence in your decision making, remove self-doubt, and get to know your Self and your purpose on a deeper level.

Practice this meditation anytime you are seeking greater clarity, guidance, and direction from the True Source of all knowledge – YOU.

Package includes both audio and video files.


5 reviews for You are the Key: Higher-Self Meditation

  1. john sunde

    loved talk

    • Nicole Vahlkamp

      Thank you, John. I welcome your comments and am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hulluf Ghebremeskel


    • Nicole Vahlkamp


  3. Hulluf Ghebremeskel

    Found it informative

    • Nicole Vahlkamp

      Thank you. I am so glad!

  4. Ann


    • Nicole Vahlkamp

      Hi Ann. Did you get the access and find where to enter the code?

  5. Mary Beth Brown

    HigherSelf18 code does not work, please help.

    • Nicole Vahlkamp (verified owner)

      Hi Mary Beth! Did you get the help you needed with the new code? Best, Nicole

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