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“We doubled our operating budget in less than a year thanks to Nicole’s ideas & unique approach!”

“Nicole made a huge difference in advancing our mission, work, and organization. Nicole’s partnership is particularly important, and her collaborative approach continues to be invigorating.  She has helped to bring out the best in us, our people and our organization.” – David Bardach, OROT Center for New Jewish Learning Board President

Income increased 165% in 2020 compared to 2019.

What do big dreams, a beginning Etsy business & 300% sales growth have in common? Nicole Michal.

Nicole is the perfect sweet spot between mindset coaching and proven, practical, business strategies that work.”

“Her approach has been exactly what I needed to take my business from a side-hustle to a full-on etsy business that’s growing triple what it was six months ago. Her approach isn’t too woo-woo, but also doesn’t ignore the fears that came up for me around marketing myself and my products. It’s been so worth it. Thanks to our planning and strategies, I am confident I can look forward to more and more growth!” – Jenny Kaplan, CEO of Jennifer Kaplan Designs

“Within a few weeks Nicole changed the way I think about money, success & self-worth. I instantly doubled my revenue.”

 “Nicole helped me determine the gaps in my business & planned smaller achievable goals that keep pushing me towards the the big picture. I was able to see big shifts in my mindset & improvements in my systems after just a few sessions. She’s the strategist, voice of reason, and accountability partner every entrepreneur serious about their business growth needs. She is an amazing coach!” – Zuzana Zapletal, CEO of MedleyThink Creative Agency

Over 200% business growth in less than 3 months thanks to simple mindset shifts.



“When I started working with Nicole, I had been working very hard on my coaching business for a whole year but not enrolling clients. After one month I was able to sign on my first three clients!”

– Lauren Golen, Breakthrough Coach & Private Client

“Nicole’s insights and ideas are a beautiful confluence of business intelligence and natural intuition. She helped implement new systems for the work we were doing as a marketing team, bringing important financial thinking as well as creative solutions to our promotional calendar and taking a truly integrative approach to managing the digital team and projects. She’s smart, practical, and a very clear thinker and communicator. I recommend Nicole highly.”

– Grace Walker, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Editorial Director + Consulting Client

“With her profound yet simple and compassionate approach, Nicole has the gift to combine intuition with insight and meet you right where you are. With her clear step by step approach she will unfold your map, paving the way for you to reach your goal. Nicole councils in a practical, grounded and all encompassing manner.”

– Talyah Donker, Founder of Wombodhi + Private Coaching Client

“Working with Nicole helped me to see the world as having miracles possible everywhere. I was skeptical at first, but I took the leap. Working with Nicole has given me the confidence and support I needed to overcome many obstacles. Today I am in a place where I truly love my life. My thinking has completely changed about what is possible for me. My confidence is greater, my career is more solidified, and I am putting myself out there in a BIG way. Thank you, Nicole!”

– Regena Ozeryansky, Course participant & private coaching client

“Nicole’s marketing and strategic organizational analysis were extremely helpful. She helped us identify key problem-areas and guided us toward important institutional adjustments. Beyond industry competence, Nicole is also personable, and the fact that she’s starting her own business helped her to understand the challenges of a small organization like the one I run.”

– Geoffrey Fulkerson, Assistant Director of The Creation Project, Consulting Client

“I love Nicole’s approach to mindset. She really gets manifestation and energetic shifting! I love connecting with her powerful goddess energy. Thank you for your support and for being a bright light in this world.” 

– Jen Wah, Manifestation Coach + Private Coaching Client

“Nicole teaches with clarity of expression, lots of knowledge and in a calm and sweet way guiding you to your inner space of serenity. Just being in Nicole’s presence brings a feeling of peace. No rush, everything is just fine, relax and enjoy yourself. Thank you Nicole for the precious gift you share with the world.”

– Miriam Mengotti, Yoga Instructor & Director of the Yoga Center of Key Biscayne

“Nicole has performed a number of focused engagements for me. She has helped me understand my strategic options, potential growth strategies, and optimal marketing mix. Each time, I have been the beneficiary of her sharp analytical mind, creative research approaches, useful insights, and excellent communication skills. When I seek a fast and focused assessment of where I am and where I need to go, Nicole is my go-to resource.”

– Judi Israel Rosen, CEO of Colchester Consulting Group

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“I had been feeling stuck in my life in many ways and when an e-mail popped up in my inbox from Nicole describing a retreat where the theme was Finding Your Inner Compass, well I took this as a sign. This experience would be way out of my comfort zone as I have not done any yoga recently or even much in my whole life. However, I felt safer in taking the plunge to commit because I already knew Nicole, her mom, and a very close family friend of mine wanted to come as well. Also, I already knew a few people that had been to Mar de Jade before and just raved about how wonderful it was. This was the time to do it as I had been yearning for change, but couldn’t figure out how to obtain it on my own.

I am so grateful I did indeed take the plunge and join the retreat as it was a magical experience from start to end. The place, the participants, the co-leaders, the food, and even the the other retreat groups made this such a special journey. Nicole’s yoga classes and meditation sessions were very powerful, as were the private sessions with her. The optional excursions really added a lot to our week as well and were very enjoyable. 

My goal at the end of the retreat was to start taking yoga again at home and to start applying for jobs because I am feeling so stuck in my current career. Things are changing for me upon my return. I adopted a rescue dog as soon as I came home which has been a huge adjustment. Now that he is getting settled, I am starting to focus on me again. I took a yoga class and have been applying to jobs. The change, albeit slow, is happening. There is a feeling of hopefulness that I have not known in a long time and I am very grateful for everyone involved in this wonderful experience.”

– Elana Cohen

A  Few  More  Compliments

Are you ready to find out what’s keeping you stuck in your business growth, or stuck at your current level of income?

Hi, my name is  Nicole Michal  and I’m a Business Coach & Money Mentor

I’m here to help women grow their business or mission-driven organization by giving them money-making confidence, practical strategies, systems & action plans to scale.

I want all women to know their worth and feel confident creating their own financial autonomy, so that they can choose the life they want.

Not long ago, I was stuck financially. A series of life events left me doubting myself, lacking confidence, and afraid I would feel trapped working hard and under-earning forever. 

Today, just 3 years later, I run a growing 6-figure business that supports the lifestyle I’ve always wanted. I love my fiance, but I am not dependent on him or anyone else to live the life I desire.

You can do the same.

And I’m here to show you how!

Nicole Michal in her office

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