The #1 Mindset Shift that Took my Client to Steady 5 Figure Months

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I had to pop in here and share one of the transformations I’ve seen in one of my clients lately. 

I have a client, let’s call her client Z, who came to me a few months ago because she was really ready to take the leap to grow her business to a steady monthly 5-figure income. 

The #1 Mindset Shift that Took my Client to Steady 5 Figure Months

What’s unique about client Z is that she was actually already very close to hitting her first 5-figure month when she hired me. She wasn’t exactly “struggling” financially, so to speak. Still, something made Z feel like what she was doing, and what she was earning, just wasn’t enough.

In our coaching sessions, Z would say things to me like:

  • This month’s high revenue is just a fluke. 
  • I know I just signed 4 more clients, but I still feel like I’m not doing enough.
  • I have more work that I can possibly do in a day, clients are sending me referrals more than ever, but I’m afraid to raise my rates.

She had more clients than ever, they were recommending her to others and she was so close to hitting 5-figures without any active promotion on social media. She was doing a fantastic job and her clients loved her work, so why did Z still feel like no matter what she did, it wasn’t enough?

In our conversations and work together, we discovered that Z wasn’t seeing reality as it was, she was seeing what it used to be. 

After years of really challenging, low-paying work in her field, Z was still stuck in an old story. Despite the praise from clients and steady stream of people signing up to work with her, in the back of her mind there was an old tape playing that said: people won’t pay me what I desire for what I offer. I need to work harder, more, longer, and better to prove myself.

Z couldn’t accept her newfound success. No matter how hard she worked, no matter how much praise she received, no matter how much money she earned, it never felt like she was doing enough.

This is not an uncommon conundrum.

Many of my clients, especially the women, tell me that no matter what they do, no matter how hard they try and work and succeed and achieve, it never feels like enough. 

There is a small voice in the back of their minds saying, sure you did that, but you know that could have been done better, faster, quicker, right”er”…by someone else (gulp). 

Something I often share with my clients is this: 

If you feel like you are NOT enough (the way you are right this minute), you will never feel like your work, your success, your accomplishments and achievements are ENOUGH.

Because feeling like we are enough has nothing to do with anyone else and everything to do with our own internal sense of worth and worthiness.

The solution is not to do more, achieve more, or earn more.

The solution is to KNOW in your heart, in your bones, in your soul that YOU just as you are, right now, are ENOUGH.

Z and I have worked together on this for just about 3 months now and she has shifted tremendously. In our time together, Z has:

  • Doubled her rates, growing her business over 500% from early 2020.
  • Increased her confidence, resulting in her showing herself more on social media and letting her clients get to know her own quirky personality behind her brand. 
  • Hired a team to support her and become the CEO of her growing creative agency. Gone are the days of feeling like a freelancer on a hamster wheel. 

In total, Z is now rocking her 5th, 5-figure month in a row and finally realizing it’s not a fluke at all! It’s her new normal. 

Now for the BIG REVEAL. Client Z is my client Zuzana, who is also the CEO of MedleyThink Creative and my brand designer, web developer and the talent behind all the beautiful graphics you’ve seen me share lately!

Zuzana and I sat down a few weeks ago to talk about the shifts she’s experienced since working with me.

I wanted her to share her successes because I see Zuzana as such a perfect example of what can happen when we uncover and re-discover our inherent worthiness and bring that clear sense of self-worth into our business: Our confidence grows, our business takes off, our income doubles, and even triples! 

Zuzana and I had a long talk about all these things and you can watch the full video now.

In it we discuss:

  • Mindset shifts to take you from feeling like a freelancer on a hamster wheel to becoming the CEO-boss babe of your business
  • Getting comfortable being SEEN on social media
  • Overcoming perfectionism and asking for help (from two recovering perfectionists)
  • Bouncing back from burnout (we both overcame this in 2020!)
  • How to shift from dreading managing your business finances to get super excited about what you see in the numbers!


All my love,

 Nicole Michal


Hi, I’m Nicole!

My mission is to help my clients tap into their heart’s mission and then get paid—very handsomely—to bring that mission out into the world via a sound and scalable business model.

I’m not messing around when it comes to women, wealth & financial empowerment. There are too many women doing fabulous things in this world and just barely getting by.

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