The 3 Things You Need to Make Miracles [TRANSCRIPT]

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The energy of making miracles, let’s start there.

The 3 Things you Need to Make Miracles

 So the energy of making miracles is about three things. 

 First, It is about the desire that you have in your heart. And not only the desire, but the faith, the trust, the knowing that what you desire is right for you is meant for you. 

It’s knowing that the universe wants what you want. And that this desire is a desire that the universe wants to help you co create. So that’s the first part you can call it desire, trust faith. 

So it’s up to you to get that desire in your heart. And I’m going to teach you in another live how to do that. 

The second part about making miracle is effort, self effort, we have to work really hard at the thing that we want, not hard that it has to be a struggle, but effort. Put forth your best effort. 

This is what all the traditions teach is that anything that you desire is worth working for. It’s always better when you work for it. And it doesn’t mean that it has to be a struggle, or it has to be hard. But it’s something that you have to put energy and effort into. It’s our responsibility to do that.  

Because that shows the universe that we really want it and it’s not just a wish, where we make the wish and we blow out the candles and we walk away. No, it’s something that we’re willing to work for. 

That’s really important self effort. 

The third piece is divine grace, the universe’s plan, the universe, bringing you what the universe knows is best for you not only what you think is best for you, because a lot of times, I think I know what’s best for me or my clients think they know what’s best for them. But then the universe comes with a way better plan. 

So it’s not about only what you desire, but there’s a third component. So we had desire, call it desire, call it trust, call it belief in what you want, and belief in the universe’s desire to give it to you. And then the second thing we had was self effort, have to have self effort. effort is good. It doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. It means you’re doing something right. You’re working towards your goal, divine inspired action. And the third piece is grace from the universe, divine grace the universe knowing what’s best for you. You have these three pieces of miracle making, right? 

You have set the intention, you desire it and you believe wholeheartedly in your desire. You work really hard. You work you work at it.  Anything in life requires work, and then the universe brings to you what it believes is best.

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