What To Do When Your Goal Feels impossible

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In my latest live Zoom Q&A we talked about #goals.

I answered 3 really important goal setting questions:

  1. How to set goals in a way that feels good
  2. What to do when the goal stops feeling good and starts feeling stressful
  3. How to shift when it feels like no matter what you do, your goals just seem to be slipping further and further through your fingers

Here was one of the questions from the live.

What to Do When your goal feels impossible

One of the participants, let’s call her P, described a situation where she wants something really badly. It is a deep desire of her heart to do this one thing and she feels called to bring it out into the world. She has a goal and she is working hard to realize it. Go P!!

 But P feels like she is constantly being thwarted, challenged and frustrated.

It seems that no matter how hard P tries, she cannot control all the people, circumstances and situations that she needs to support her to achieve her goal. She is working hard, perhaps over-working, and not seeing results. It’s not feeling fun anymore. What should P do?

 P is of course not alone.  We’ve all been there. We want something so badly, but no matter how hard we try, it seems we just can’t quite get it.

 So we try harder and harder– oftentimes even trying to control situations, people, and circumstances to go our way, according to our plan, so we can achieve our aim.  

Our intentions are good, but we end up feeling super icky.

Eventually we end up so frustrated and exhausted that we basically feel we have no choice but to give up on our goal entirely.

 Let me share with you my secrets to letting go of those clenched fists, taking a deep breath and releasing that frustration without having to give up on your desire (because I don’t believe the Universe ever wants you to give up).

In my answer to P’s question, I riff on the following: 

  1. How to understand challenges as signs that there is something unresolved for us to learn about ourselves
  2. How our underlying beliefs may be contributing to a situation we don’t particularly like
  3. How to temporarily let go of a goal that is causing us too much stress or anxiety without entirely giving up
  4. How to stay open to POSSIBILITIES that this goal may come to be in a way ENTIRELY different from the one we had imagined

Watch my answer to P’s question on what to do when the goal feels impossible below.

Then, head over to check out the first segment from the Q&A!

This section focuses on how to adapt the traditional SMART goal-setting framework to set goals that FEEL GOOD to you.

After you watch the videos, let me know what’s on your mind. How does goal setting work for you?  What works?  What doesn’t?  Did these videos helped you? Let me know.


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