You Are Allowed to Change Your Mind

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Hi Love,

I’m popping in today to tell you something that I think is critical for our success as women, leaders and business owners.

You are allowed to change your mind.

You are allowed to change your mind, even when it means you may disappoint people.

You are allowed to communicate that change without needing to question, the second guess, apologize for or doubt yourself.

People may not like it. That is okay. It is their job to manage their disappointment.

That doesn’t mean we sign contracts and break them or act irresponsibly or haphazardly. It means we own our commitments, see them through, then change our minds when they’re done if we want to.

Make a decision. Try it out. See it through. If it doesn’t work, go ahead and change your mind. Try something else. 

It is NOT okay to be shamed, name-called or blasted with anger when we make a choice that someone does not like. 

If someone uses these they are bullying to try to make you feel bad about your choices. Let that be a BIG red flag and a warning sign. It is not something you need to feel sorry for or try to tiptoe around.

We can have compassion for these people, but we do not need to change to try to placate them.

When you stand up for yourself, firmly and kindly, you honor yourself and the other. Then you do not need to feel bad or guilty or ashamed for changing your mind anymore.

Love yourself enough to own what is yours and let others own what is theirs. I love you 🥰  

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All my love,


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